Information for Veterans & Active Duty Military Students

Please see the information below to begin processing your benefits:


For Air Force Tuition Assistance, begin by attending a TA briefing: 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month.  The first Wednesday briefing is held at 8:30 a.m, he 3rd Wedesday it is held at 1:00pm - both brefings are held in the Education Center, Building 3829, in the Multi-Purpose Room. (Located n Falcon Court North gate, first rght after the traffic circe).

For Active Duty students taking courses onsite at the base, the student, computer, and school fees will be waived.  For non-military students, or Active Duty students taking courses outside the JBMDL location (online, on-campus or other off-campus location), those fees will still apply. 

Full time status:

Undergraduate – 6 credits / 7 weeks
Graduate – 3 credits / 7 weeks