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Important Information



  • Important! Read the Senior web page.
  • Senior Reviews are sent to all seniors in August. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors in early fall to plan their last one or two semesters.  Degree Navigator should be used to review General and major requirements.  Questions about General Requirements may be directed to the Manger of Academic Programs. 
  • Graduation Requirements:
    • Earn a minimum of 30 of the final 42 credits as a regularly enrolled undergraduate at Rutgers-Camden including at least 12 credits in the major.
    • Complete at least 120 credits with a cumulative average of 2.0 or better.
    • Fulfill all basic requirements of the college (General Curricular Requirements).
      Fulfill the specific requirements of a major program.
    • Applying to graduate: To be considered for graduation, senior must submit a diploma application to the Office of Academic Advising along with a short report from Degree Navigator (general and major requirements) which has been signed by a faculty advisor.
  • Graduation Application Periods:
    • September 4 – October 15 for January dated diploma
    • January 2- March 5 for May dated diploma
    • June 1 – August 15 for an October dated diploma

Withdrawal from classes:

Before the semester starts: 100%
2nd Week – Monday (by 4:00 PM): 50%
Thereafter: No Refund

Drop during the 1st week of classes (or before):  100% refund, no “W” grade
Thereafter: 0% refund, “W” grade appears on transcript

Students who have extenuating circumstances (deployment, etc.) can petition the Assistant Dean for an alteration to the policy.

For more information, contact a Rutgers-JBMDL representative.  (See info at left.)